Technical Services

Mechanical Maintenance

Cofely Besix Mannai Facility Management is an expert in mechanical maintenance with dedicated specialist technical teams fully conversent in predictive and non-predictive maintenance technniques serving an extensive range of equipment such as chillers, cooling towers, pumps, motors, etc.

We fully recognise our client’s requirement to stay compliant whilst also saving time, energy and money, and as such we practice HVCA SFG20 maintenance procedures, combined with manufacturer’s operation and maintenance data and international best practices during the execution of our operations activities. To ensure identified risks with critical equipment are contained and anticipated from the start of our operations, creating a Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) is part of our processes. In addition, we provide predictive and condition-based services such as vibration analysis, Eddy current testing, laser alignment, thermography and fuel/oil analysis.

Electrical Maintenance

Cofely Besix Mannai Facility Management provides high quality Electrical Maintenance to ensure our clients meet (local) legislative and regulatory responsibilities to ensure the safety of the electrical installation. In addition, we ensure that our clients meet statutory obligations to ensure successful operation of life safety systems, fire detection and alarm systems. As a baseline for the Preventive Electrical Maintenance, we use UK 17th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations BS7671:2008 combined with manufacturer’s operation and maintenace data and international best practices. We also have centralised teams in place who conduct professional surveys of the electrical systems on regular basis for predictive techniques such as thermal imaging, portable appliance testing (PAT) and ultrasound. This enables us to detect faults before they lead to failure.

Technical Handyman Maintenance Services

Cofely Besix Mannai Facility Management provides handyman-type service such as plumbing, small repairs and other ‘easy-fix’ jobs throughout the working day to ensure our clients’ business operations are not being interrupted unnecessarily due to ‘small’ issues. We also provide chemical testing, dosing and water treatment services for domestic water, chilled water, cooling towers, heating systems and swimming pools.

Integrated Management

Single point of contact for a range of services across multiple sites with one integrated team.

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Soft Services

Our in-house Cleaning and Concierge services through to out-sourced Landscaping, Pest Control and Security Services.

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Outsourced Services

Properly executed, outsourced services can dramatically reduce the time you spend on none-core activities.

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Airport Services

Fully conversant with every aspect of Airport Specialist Systems, utilising multi-skilled staff.

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Airports & Logistics Services A division of CBFM

Cofely Besix Airports & Logistics Services is fully conversant with every aspect of airport specialist services, utilising multi-skilled staff to deliver maximum efficiency and add value at every level. We provide a single end to-end source of all airport specialist services.

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ENGIE acquires Cofely Besix Facilities Management to deliver world-class integrated Facility Management and Energy Services.